I can’t put into words what this means and the difference it will make to us as a family being able to enjoy the outside world. We will always remember this day.

Thank you so much, for looking at our application very quickly and funding too.

Wow, I don’t know what to say except thank you so much for your generosity and the quick reply. I can’t tell you what it means for our daughter to be able to have that outdoor independence and join her siblings on lots of adventures independently.

This is incredible news to receive on a Monday morning. Thank you so much to you and your trustees for considering our son’s application – this equipment will be life-changing for him!

That is awesome, thank you so much. I am so shocked how quickly you acted too. Thank you

Your generous support will most certainly enable our son to be independent. Words just cannot express how significant this is. Thank you.

Thank you so so much for offering to support us in helping to keep our son safe, we appreciate it so much. This is life changing for us.

Honestly so amazing, I’ve already been able to do more things that I wouldn’t be able to do in a standard wheelchair! Such as shopping reaching up the shelves, getting to eye level with my horses I’m standing up!

Thank you so much this is massive for us and our son.