Carter Trust

Providing grants for special equipment or adaptation of housing or transport to meet the needs of disabled people who are in financial need.

Welcome to The Carter Trust

Founded in 1993, The Andrew and Catherine Carter Trust is a UK based charity whose mission is to provide relief in cases of financial need of disabled persons in such ways as the trustees shall from time to time determine, and in particular by means of assistance in or towards the provision of special equipment to promote their effective employment or self-employment and/or the adaption of their housing or transport to meet their needs.

Why we are here

We help disabled persons in financial need, including those with sensory, physical, and intellectual impairments and those with complex needs.

We aim to provide financial assistance in the form of a grant for specialist equipment, transport, or housing adaptations to empower persons who may be struggling at home or in work.

It is essential for the application to have the support of a professional. Suitable professionals would include a doctor, hospital consultant, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or qualified assessor.

Apply for assistance

Applications for assistance should be made by completing the application form using the link below. The criteria you will need to meet to be considered for assistance are listed below. For further information please visit our FAQ page

Change a life today

If you would like to support our work we are always pleased to receive donations. All donations to the Trust go towards helping a disabled individual reach their full potential.